Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award

Deadline 1st April annually

In honor of Dr. Charles Southwick’s longstanding commitment to conservation education, we have developed the Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award. This award is dedicated to recognizing individuals living in primate habitat countries that have made a significant contribution to formal and informal conservation education in their countries. The amount of the award is $2,000: $1500 will be given directly to the recipient and $500 will be given in the recipient’s name to a project of their choosing in their community.

We encourage investigators working in primate habitat areas to nominate members of their staff (or of the local community) that they feel have made a significant contribution to conservation education in their study area. Eligible candidates must be residents of the region in which they are working and include education staff, field assistants, graduate students, or other individuals that are directly involved with providing educational programs to the people living around the project area. Candidates do not need to have an advanced degree to be eligible.

Nominators should provide the name, title and full mailing address of their nominee, along with a letter of recommendation stating the nominee’s qualifications for the award, focusing on past and potential contributions to conservation education. A copy of the nominee’s resume should also be included. Supporting letters from other individuals acquainted with the nominee’s work may be submitted as part of the packet.

Address questions and completed applications to:

Dr. Patricia Izar
University of São Paulo
Department of Experimental Psychology
Av. Prof. Mello Moraes 1721
C. Universitaria
C. São Paulo, SP, CEP 05508-030
Phone: +55 (11) 3091-4358 

(Note – if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the committee VP listed above.)