Conservation Grants

Application Deadline is annually on March 1st

The Conservation Committee of IPS is soliciting applications of up to $1,500 to support the development of primate conservation field programs and/or applied research with impact on primate conservation. If you plan to include community conservation in your program, you may be eligible for an additional Conservation through Community Involvement (CCI) award of $500. Please see the form for more information.

Past awardees are eligible to reapply as long as you have submitted a report on your previous award.

We do not consider proposals for projects focusing solely on basic research or education. Please direct these to the Research or Education Committee, as appropriate.

We particularly encourage proposals from primatologists from range-state countries.

We also offer on a case-by-case basis feedback on proposals from nationals of primate range-state countries. For this purpose, applications must be submitted by the 1st February for feedback; revised submissions must be resubmitted by the March 1st deadline.

Our evaluation criteria include:

Ø Conservation impact-direct, i.e. addressing threats to primates and their habitat or indirect through training of staff/scientists, improving conservation practise and/or methodologies to tackling threats

Ø Does the proposal take into account, and deal with, any potential ethical concerns and does it meet permit and approval requirements?

Ø Quality of project proposal (including the likelihood of successfully answering research question/s or project outcomes)

Ø Feasibility of implementation

Ø Suitability and quality of the applicant

If you have any questions regarding this award please contact IPS Vice President for Conservation, Tanya Humle (

Application Deadline is annually on March 1st

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions file (below) which may answer any questions that you have

(Note – if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the VP listed above.)

When submitting your grant report please use the following template