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Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award – deadline April 1st

The Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award is maintained by the Southwick family in honor of Dr Charles’ longstanding commitment to conservation education. This award is dedicated to recognizing individuals living in primate habitat countries that have made a significant contribution to formal and informal conservation education in their countries. The amount of the award […]

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Galante Family Winery Conservation Scholarship deadline April 1st

We welcome applications from citizens of primate habitat countries for the Galante Family Winery Conservation Scholarship, deadline April 1st, 2023. The scholarship amount (up to $2,500) is to be used for primate conservation education and training. This may include such activities as transportation to a training course or educational program, course or event fees (including online […]

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Change to online presenter fees for IPS Malaysia

Many of you got in touch to let us know that our online fee structure for the meeting created substantial barriers to access. We heard you and we are making changes to address this issue. We’re working on a range of actions for IPS Madagascar in 2025 but, in the mean-time, everyone who is an […]

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Happy #internationaldayofforests to some of my favorites, from Côte d’Ivoire’s Taï Forest, to Indonesia’s Gunung Palung, to the Lynn Woods just north of Boston.

The new Department of Human Origins, MPI-EVA in Leipzig is looking for new PhD students interested in functional morphology, brain/cranial evolution, origins of tool production or living ape behaviour. Please apply here: Deadline April 30th!

*Reposting with correct salary figures*

🫒If you are a Tanzanian woman with a passion for primate field research, this could be for you!
🫒Application details below in English and Kiswahili, and here:

Again, please share🙏🙉

#womeninscience #Tanzania


(Re-posting these adverts, now with updated salary figures.)

🎶 Don’t go BRACH(iating) my heart 🎶

Brachiation is a specialized form of movement where primates use only their arms to swing from branch to branch. 🌳
Gibbons are excellent brachiators – true acrobats of the forest canopy!!

#iucngibbon #iucnssa

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