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Facebook notice board for #IPSQuito tips, questions, & info

New Facebook participant bulletin board for all things #IPSQuito congress related – get in touch with other participants and leave your own tips/questions/ideas for Quito!

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Bids to host IPS2025 deadline:Dec 10th

The deadline for bid submissions to host for IPS 2025 is December 10th, 2021. If you’re interested in submitting or would like to find out more about what’s involved please contact the Secretary General, Júlio César Bicca-Marques.

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Info from the #IPSQuito organisers on Covid19 measures

SLAPrim have provided lots of helpful detail on Covid 19 mitigation measures on a dedicated page on the congress website. Take a look and stay tuned there for more news and updates!

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The ASP Conservation Small Grants program is an excellent funding source for @ASPVoice members’ primate conservation projects. Applications for this year’s grants are being accepted through Jan. 31, with recommendations due Feb. 7.

Do any @PrimateSociety members have a copy of the Primate Eye which contains Volker Sommer’s letter about copyright (and carpets in British bathrooms)? Was discussing this the other day but don’t have a copy…would love to receive a scan if anyone can send one!

Late post… Delighted to have co-chaired session of excellent talks on impacts of #fire and #haze on #primates at #IPSQuito last Friday. Loads of exciting new findings, from apes and monkeys in Borneo, W&S Africa, and Brazil!

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Hi everyone!
I’m happy to announce that our Inspire session entitled “Decolonizing and diversifying ecology” will officially be a part of the ESA 2022, at Montréal, August this year. For now, our program is composed of the following talks:

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