Update on the IPS August meeting & Jan Quito Congress from IPS President

Dear Colleagues, I am very pleased to write with some news about two upcoming events jointly sponsored by the International Primatological Society and Latin American Society of Primatology (IPS & SLAPrim).

First, is our August online program, which will consist of four sessions (three symposia and one roundtable). You will soon hear more about the timing and content of this program from Steve Schapiro, chair of the scientific committee. One session will be held daily on August 16, 17, 18, and 19, at different times so that at least one of the sessions falls within a convenient time zone for the attendants in some part of the world. Access to the August online program is FREE for IPS members and for anyone who is registered for the IPS-SLAPrim Quito meeting. Everyone, please make sure your membership is active, and renew it if needed. You can do this at the new membership portal of the IPS website, http://www.internationalprimatologicalsociety.org Note- please click on: Membership to proceed to the new membership portal.

Second, is our joint IPS-SLAPrim Quito meeting, which will be held from Jan 9-15, 2022. This will be an in-person meeting, like the one we originally planned, but with an additional component. In consideration of the challenges related to our necessary schedule change and the current status of COVID-19 and variation in vaccine access in many parts of the world, we will also be offering online access to the meeting content at a reduced registration rate.

What does this mean? We hope most of you will be able to attend the meetings in person, as planned. If you are already registered for the meeting, you will not need to re-register. If you are not yet registered for the meeting, but would like register to attend in person or to submit an abstract, you will be able to do so between July 1-September 15, 2021. New abstract submission closes on September 15.

If you cannot attend the Quito meeting in person, but are registered, with an accepted abstract, you may submit a recorded version of your presentation that will be shown at its scheduled time during the meeting. Your paid registration at the in-person rate is needed to qualify for airtime as a presenter. Submission deadline for the recording is January 3, 2022. More information about format and procedure for submitting recorded presentations will be available at the Congress website: https://IPSQuito.com

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, and are not presenting a pre-recorded talk, but would like to have access to the online content, you can do so by registering at 25% of the regular registration rate. You will be able to view sessions live and post questions for presenters, or log in to watch later at a time that suits you (within the meeting week). Unfortunately, IPS does need to charge for the online content because the streaming of our meetings comes at an additional cost to IPS. Unlike many other societies, which were able to plan for hybrid or on-line only meetings, IPS was already fully financially committed to the in-person meeting long before COVID-19 struck.

Important DATES and DEADLINES:

To obtain access to the IPS-SLAPrim August program, please confirm/renew your membership status or your Quito meeting registration status, no later than: August 15, 2021 (Note: If you are already registered for the Quito meeting, but not an IPS member, please consider joining/renewing as soon as possible).

If you need to revise your previously accepted abstract, please send the revised version to the chair of the Scientific Committee, Steve Schapiro,?sschapir@mdanderson.org, no later than: August 15, 2021. To register and submit an abstract for the IPS-SLAPrim Quitoin-person meeting, please do so between July 1 – September 15, 2021. 

The last date to switch from in-person registration to on-line only registration is December 1, 2021

You may register to attend (without presenting) the Quito meeting until December 1, 2021.

If you register after that date and plan to attend in person, you will pay the on-site registration fee.

For registrants who will submit a recorded presentation, your recording will be due by January 3, 2022, following instructions to be posted at the meeting website.

With regards, Karen Strier