Important survey for those involved in capture/release of wild primates (closes 11th Nov)

The IPS Ad-Hoc Committee to Make Capture Safer for Primates has put together a survey which is critical to ensure that we are able to move effectively  forward on this important topic.

The Committee was formed with the goal of reducing risk and trauma for primates who are captured and released in the wild. We consider sharing of information and building trust as the best way to reach this goal. We are, however, also aware of potential dangers from disseminating information too widely.

This short anonymous survey (should take only a few minutes to complete) seeks the opinion of anyone involved in the capture and release of wild primates on 1) the creation of an online space for sharing information and 2) how best to share available protocols for the capture and release of wild primates.

We would like to secure responses by the 11th of November 2022.