Lawrence Jacobsen Education Development Grant

The Education Committee of IPS solicits grants of up to $1500 to support the development of primate conservation education programs. These initiatives should support field conservation programs, work with local community and/or schools, or used to provide training in conservation education techniques. If you plan to include community conservation in your program you may be eligible for an additional Conservation through Community Involvement (CCI) award of $500.

Your proposal will be evaluated considering:

  1. the conservation need and the educational objectives – these should be clearly stated so as to identify the problem and what educational strategy will be developed to ameliorate it.
  2. the feasibility and suitability of the methods – it is important to detail the strategies or instruments that will be implemented, the educational steps, the educators.
  3. the evaluation methods: specify the pre and post evaluation instruments to measure the effectiveness of your program.
  4. the conservation impact – explain how your educational program will ameliorate the conservation need; if possible, provide how many people will be informed by your program, avoid general statements (e.g. community awareness about primates will increase).
  5. feasibility of the timeline.
  6. suitability of the budget.
  7. whether the applicant has the ability to conduct the project.
  8. whether the applicant has access to other funding sources.

We provide here some examples of past successful applications: 

Guillen: Keeping the wild in wildlife: discouraging the use of cotton-top tamarins as pets in northern Colombia

Rasoamanana: Raising awareness for the conservation of Lemur catta in the surrounding area of Mangily, Madagascar

Kahlenberg: Using public pledges to motivate conservation action around Grauer’s gorilla habitat in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Valença: Protecting monkeys as a way of combating Yellow Fever

We do not consider proposals for projects focusing solely on primate conservation or on research – please see the other relevant IPS grants for those areas. We now provide feedback on proposals prior to final submission from nationals of range-state countries. Applications must be submitted by the 15th of February for feedback; revised submissions must be resubmitted by the general March the 1st deadline.

Please address questions and completed applications to: Dr. Patricia Izar at

Application Deadline is annually on March 1st

Application form

Please submit your proposal as a pdf file named as follows: LAST NAME, first name.pdf

(Note – if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the committee VP listed above.)