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The IPS Conservation Committee is now accepting applicants for the 2018 IPS Pre-Congress Training Program (PCTP). We seek individuals who are currently focused on primate conservation in their work or study program, especially those dealing with the conservation of endangered primate species. Applicants must be citizens of a primate habitatcountry, be early in their careers, and cannot have participated in a previous IPS Pre-Congress Training Program. Participants must be able to understand and speak English well enough to follow and participate in all aspects of the PCTP workshop.

All application materials must be submitted via email. Complete and submit the official application form, found here - and follow the directions carefully. No additional attachments are allowed.

IPS PCTP 2018 Application Form.doc

The Conservation Committee of IPS is soliciting applications of up to $1,500 to support the development of primate conservation field programs. The committee is expecting to distribute up to $10,000 this year. If you have any questions regarding this award please contact IPS Vice President for Conservation, Janette Wallis (email: wallis at

Application Deadline is annually on March 1st

IPS Conservation Grant 2017.docx

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions file (below) to learn more about the opportunity to receive help with the English in your application. Deadline for this assistance is February 15.

Frequently asked questions

(Note - if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the VP listed above.)


The Galante Family Winery Conservation Scholarship

Proposals are solicited from citizens of primate habitat countries for the Galante Family Winery Conservation Scholarship. The scholarship monies (up to $2500) are to be used for primate conservation education and training. This may include such activities as transportation to a training course or educational program, course or event fees, and/or expenses during the event period.

Follow this link for more information.


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