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February 2018

UPDATE: Netflix Howler Monkey episode of 72 Dangerous Animals - Latin America

Fantastic news! Following a significant outcry across the primate and conservation community Netflix has changed the content of their Howler monkey episode on 72 Dangerous Animals to focus on their incredible loud calls, and has removed the misleading content that wrongly suggested that they transmit yellow fever to humans. Thank you to everyone who wrote, signed, and posted to help make this happen! 


IPS announces award winners for 2018!

The IPS is delighted to announce its award winnders for 2018.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, for notably broad and eminent contributions to primatology: Cliff Jolly

A Special Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award, for notably broad and eminent contributions to primatology: Colin Groves.

A Special Presidential Award, for contributions to the Development, Promotion, and Advancement of Latin American Primatology: Milton Thiago de Mello


January 2018

IPS sends open letter to Netflix about streaming of 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America

IPS has written to Netflix to request that they stop streaming episode 7, which incorrectly portrays howler monkeys as 'transmitting' yellow fever to humans. Only mosquitos transmit this virus. Myths like these have led to the killings of this endangered species by people afraid of contracting the disease in Brazil, and continuing to broadcast them undermines the actions of Brazilian campaigns that highlight the value of howler monkeys and other primates as human allies against the disease. You can read the full letter here IPS letter to Netflix.pdf Please join us in contacting Netflix and spreading the word.


IPS elections! Have your say!

Members can now vote for candidates on four IPS Officer positions: Secretary General, Treasurer and VP for Membership, VP for Conservation, VP for Research. Candidate information and voting links can be found by clicking on the voting link on your member's page. 


November 2017

Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefits Sharing.

The aim of the Nagoya Protocol is to ensure that the benefits associated with genetic resources, and also with traditional knowledge of biodiversity, are shared fairly and equitably. Do you know what the Nagoya Protocol is and how it impacts our work on primate-based research, conservation, and education? If you're not sure take a look at this short guide! Nagoya Protocol_2017.pdf


New York Times. Smuggled, Beaten and Drugged: The Illicit Global Ape Trade.

Ape trafficing 'detective' Daniel Stiles contributes to this powerful piece on the illicit global trade in great apes. Read more here


Awards time: IPS Awards Committee invites nominations for Lifetime Achievement Award

The IPS Awards Committee invites your nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018. This award is given to a member of IPS for outstanding career contributions to research, conservation, education, and/or captive care and breeding of nonhuman primates, with attention to efforts with enduring international scope (in keeping with the international scope of our society).

The first Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Dr. Hilary Box at the Torino Congress in 2004, and subsequent awards have been made to Dr. Tom Struhsaker in 2006, Dr. Toshisada Nishida in 2008, Dr. Allison Jolly in 2010, Dr. John Oates in 2012, Dr. Jeanne Altmann in 2014, and Dr. Jane Goodall in 2016. Current members of the IPS Council are not eligible for consideration for this award during their term in office. The recipient will be selected by the Awards Committee, chaired by IPS President Karen Strier, and ratified by the IPS Officers. The recipient will be notified by February, 2018, and invited to attend the 2018 Congress in Nairobi to receive the award and to give a plenary address.

Any member of the IPS can nominate someone for this award and we encourage you to do so. To make a nomination, please:

1) Send a letter, by email, documenting the person's career accomplishments to the Chair of the Awards Committee, Karen Strier, by the 15th Dec, 2017. The email address is

2) Ask a second person (who does not need to be a member of IPS) to do the same.

This is a wonderful chance for you to honor someone who has dedicated his or her career to primatology. We look forward to your nominations. 

The IPS Awards Committee


9th European Conference on Behavioual Biology (ECBB)

The 9th European Conference on Behavioual Biology takes place from the 9th-12th August 2018 in Liverpool, UK. For more information about plenary speakers and the call for symposia (now open) go to For enquires email or tweet at The deadline for symposia submissions is the 5th January 2018.


October 2017

The IPS Election Committee is soliciting nominations now!

The Election Committee is soliciting nominations of candidates for the IPS offices listed below. 

Secretary General (currently filled by Nancy Caine); Treasurer & VP for Membership (currently filled by Steve Schapiro); VP for Conservation (currently filled by Janette Wallis); VP for Research (currently filled by Jo Setchell)

As per the IPS Consitution, the officers in these positions have each served the maximum permitted time (2 consecutive 4-year terms), and therefore cannot be re-elected to them at this time. 

Details of the posts are available in the IPS Bylaws here

Please send your suggestions to either:

IPS President & Election Committee chain, Karen Strier:

IPS VP for Communications and Election Committee vice-chair, Cat Hobaiter:

September 2017

The IPS Conservation Committee is now accepting applicants for the 2018 IPS Pre-Congress Training Program (PCTP).

We seek individuals who are currently focused on primate conservation in their work or study program, especially those dealing with the conservation of endangered primate species. Applicants must be citizens of a primate habitat country, be early in their careers, and cannot have participated in a previous IPS Pre-Congress Training Program. Participants must be able to understand and speak English well enough to follow and participate in all aspects of the PCTP workshop. More information here..

Important new emergency fund for long-term primate field research sites from the Leakey Foundation

The Leakey Foundation has emergency funding available to keep long-term primate field sites operational until other funding can be secured. Priority will be given to those sites that have a clear research and conservation focus and that are threatened with loss of long-term datasets. The award maximum is $25,000 for one year. After evaluation, a second year may be funded. Please contact the Leakey Foundation grants office for more information. An application form will be sent after the grants office has assessed the need for funds.


NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting, 3rd November 2017, central London

The NC3Rs Primate Welfare Meeting is an international event for researchers, veterinarians, technologists and others to discuss the use and care of non-human primates in research. A key opportunity to share your thoughts and knowledge. Registration for this free meeting is open to personel working directly with captive non-human primates - more information is available here:

August 2017

Inaugural congress of the Malagasy Primatological Society: 13-16th December 2017

It's a fantastic time for African primatology with the inaugural congress of the Malagasy Primatological Society later this year hot on the heels of the African Primatological Society, and with the next IPS congress to be held in Nairobi next year! Registration for the MPS congress will open September 1st, with the deadline for abstracts September 10th. For more information please go to the lemur congress website or email:


Inaugural congress of the African Primatological Society: "Home grown scientists step up to save Africa's primates"

Last month saw the inaugaural congress of the APS take place at the Centre Suisse in Ivory Coast and the installation of the first APS President Dr Inza Koné. The event represented a significant milestone for the African primatology community, and attracted international press coverage including Nature


Celebrating 50 years of the Primate Society of Great Britain: 27-29th November 2017

PSGB will hold is 50th anniversary meeting this November at the Royal Geographic Society in London. Join their guest speakers: Dr Jane Goodall, DBE, and Prof Frans de Waal, together with other leading primatologists such as Robin Dunbar, Bob Martin, and Russ Mittermeier in celebrating 50 years of primate research, conservation, and welfare around the world.

Tickets* and further information are available via the PSGB website: or Eventbrite

*Tickets have been subsidised by the society to encourage student attendance!

July 2017

New IPS Matching Challenge! Up and running now until the 30th Sept.

Heather Southwick has decided to issue another matching challenge to IPS in memory of Chuck Southwick. She will donate $10,000 to the IPS Conservation Fund if we can raise $10,000 in donations between July 2017 and September 30th. 

In addition another $5,000 matching challenge has been issued by the Nacey Maggioncalda Foundation. If we can raise a total of $15,000 amongst ourselves, the IPS Conservation Fund will increase by $30,000. 

Donating is extremely simple and can be done independently or in conjunction with the payment of 2017 IPS membership dues. Straight donations can be made at

Donations in conjunction with membership dues payments can be made by the standard payment techniques. 

Lets get this matching challenge off to a great start; and a huge vote of thanks goes to Heather and the Southwick family, and to the Nacey Maggioncalda Foundation!

May 2017

IPS 2018 website up and running! 

The summer conference season has started - but if you're thinking ahead to 2018 already, check out the beautiful new website chock full of helpful info for our 27th Congress in Nairobi. 


Congratulations to our IPS Grant and Award Winners for 2017!

The IPS has now finished our Grant and Award selection process for 2017 and we're very excited to see everyone's projects develop! Thanks to the generous support of our members and donors we were able to award over $40,000 of funding to support projects in our core mission areas of research, conservation, education, and captive care.

Over the next year we'll feature some of these projects in our Grantee Spotlight. If you have a great idea and would like to apply to the next round of funding check out our Funding Opportunities here.


March 2017

Brazilian Primatological Society issues statement on current yellow fever outbreak and its impact on primate populations.

O surto de febre amarela no Brazil e seus impactos sobre a população de macacos.


The IPS reaffirms its commitment to international collaboration.

The IPS reaffirms the purpose for which it was established, which as stated in our constitution, is: "to encourage all areas of scientific research involving non-human primates, to facilitate cooperation among scientists of all nationalities engaged in primate research, and to promote the conservation of all primate species."

To achieve these aims on behalf of scientific research, scientific cooperation, and the conservation of primates and their habitats requires international commitment and collaborative endeavours on a global scale.

The IPS is explicit regarding our criteria for membership, which cannot be denied on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or political party.

We welcome everyone who shares our mission to join us.


American Society of Primatologists 2017 Meeting dates announced.

The 40th meeting of the American Society of Primatologists will take place in Washington, DC on August 25-28th, 2017 at the Washington Plaza Hotel.

Registration and lodging information can be found at:



February 2017

The IPS writes to the National Football League to protest use of primates in 'entertainment'

The officers of the IPS Council have written an open letter to the National Football League's Troy Vincent to express their unanimous and strong opposition to the NFL Films Presents special "Monkeys Riding Dogs: The Ghost Riders" that aired in late 2016. The use of primates as 'performers' has devastating consequences for individual primates' welfare and a negative impact on the conservation of primates as a whole, neither of which can be justified in the name of 'entertainment'.

Please consider contacting the NFL (feel free to use the wording from our letter IPS letter_NFLVincent.pdf) and please share, like, post, and get the word out!

#primatesNOTperformers #primatesNOTpets



January 2017

Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil.

The current Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil is seriously affecting primate populations there. Howler monkeys are particularly vulnerable to Yellow Fever, and the risk is compounded by the incorrect belief in local populations that killing the monkeys may help prevent its spread. IPS supports the 'Protect our Guardian Angels' campaign, which is working hard to educate and inform people about the issue. 


Royal Society meeting, 12-13 June 2017, Evolution of pathogen and parasite avoidance behaviours.

The Theo Murphy international scientific meeting this year in on the topic: Evolution of pathogen and parasite avoidance behavoiurs. Organised by Dr Rachel McMullan and Cecile Sarabian on the 12-13th June 2017. Registration is free. Find out more at


Inaugural congress of the African Primatological Society - Call for Abstracts

The Inaugural congress of the APS will be held on the 24-27th July at the Centre Suisse in Ivory Coast. Abstracts are now welcomed - deadline 31st March!

Premier Congres de la Société Africaine de Primatologie, organisé par le Centre Suisse en Côte d'Ivoire. Appel à résumés: 31st Mars!

For more information see the meeting website:


PSGB Winter Meeting 10th - 12th January

The Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting starts next week at the University of Durham. For more information see the meeting website:


December 2016

15th December 2016: European Federation for Primatology 2017 Call for Symposia

The 7th European Federation for Primatology meeting together with the 30th Société Francophone de Primatologie meeting will take place at the University of Strasbourg. The call for symposia is now open in any area of primatology - submission deadline January 16th, 2017

For forms and more information see the meeting website :


5th December 2016: IPS Membership for 2017 is now open!

Subscriptions to IJP at the member rate is now handled directly with Springer.

Remember IPS members from primate habitat countries (except Japan) that cannot afford to pay dues can join IPS for free.  Go through the IPS membership process and select 'Money Order' as the type of payment.


2nd December 2016: Prof. Zhang Peng awarded Distinguished Professor in Anthropology

Prof. Zhang Peng was appointed to be the Changjiang Distinguished Professor in the field of Anthropology (Yangtze River Scholar Award), which is the highest academic award issued to an individual by the Ministry of Education of P.R. China. 

See More information in Ministry of Education of P.R. China News




Please contact VP for Communications Cat Hobaiter if you have any announcements.


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