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IPS Affiliated Primate Societies



         Indonesian Primatological Society


Argentinian Society of Primatologists


  Latin American Society of Primatology
     Malaysian Primatological Society 
  Mexican Association of Primatology  
  Chinese Primate Society   Primate Society of China
Congolese Society of Primatologists  


Groupe d'Etude et de Recherche sur

les Primates de Madagascar


  Southeast Asian Primatological Association 
Grupo de Especialistas de Primates del Ecuador    


Any national or multinational scientific organization of primatologists may register with the Secretary General as an affiliate. The stated goals and/or purpose of the affiliate must be consistent with and fully support the stated purposes of the IPS. Each affiliate is invited to send one representative to attend the pre- and post-Congress Council meetings, but the Society does not provide financial support for attendance by these representatives.




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